I am a postdoctoral scholar at Northeastern University Marine Science Center. I am working with Katie Lotterhos and Geoff Trussell as well as the network of scientists within the Research Coordinated Network for Evolution in Changing Seas to synthesize, integrate, and advance our understanding of evolution in changing seas.   


For my PhD at East Carolina University with Mike McCoy, I studied the mechanisms that affect adaptation to contemporary environmental change.  I characterized patterns of local adaptation in amphibians inhabiting saline habitats by determining how phenotypes differ across life stages (egg, tadpole, adult) in response to saltwater exposure. To accomplish this work, I used an integrative approach that incorporated molecular techniques, empirical experimentation, meta-analysis, field studies, and theoretical work. 

Who knew counting snails could be so much fun? (Summer 2018)

In my spare time, I love to run long distances, eat too much ice cream, tinker on the guitar and ukulele, experiment with cooking, read books, drink tasty beers, compete in triathlons, travel to fun places, hang out with my loved ones, photograph pretty plants and animals, ponder the meaning of life, and play with my dog. All at the same time. 


Boston Marathon, 2018!  
Making friends in the Smoky Mountain National Forest
Herping in Santa Rosa, Peru
Hiking in the Croatan National Forest with Charlie
Tired smile after completing the 2017 JFK 50 mile race.